Demo tape

by Nevasca



The first demo of a midwest emo band Nevasca from Murmansk, Russia. Recorded 15 June 2013 at Cerber House Studio.
Mixed by Artem Lobyntsev. Artwork by Kseniya Romanchuk.

Artist: Nevasca
Title: Demo
Format: Cassette
Edition: 33 copies
Catalogue Number: SAD036
Release Date: 02.09.2013
Price: 90rub

A1. Polaroids
A2. Unison
A3. Thirst
A4. Empty Canvas
A5. On The Road
A6. Sad Song


released June 23, 2013


tags: punk Moscow



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Track Name: Polaroids
Which story have we left?
You think it means something
But you are one of them
And world can live without you.

It seems like we twirled in the film
And we will never be processed
And shutter will scroll us again and again
Memorizing the same pictures.

Coil will scroll us from time to time
We are spoiled by the light.

Someday. Someone will find us in the old stuff
In hopes to remember the old time
But we won't be there
We didn't find any place to stay
We didn't find any place to be.
Track Name: Unison
They knew the way
But they were blind
They had a key
But door was hard to find
Will you turn the light when I'll be in the dark
Or should I listen to my heart?

My flowers become the rotten
My thoughts become the bullshit
My songs get sad.

But if lost the key and lost my heart
Don't know the way, have no eyes
What should I do?
Please be my guide and take my hand
Cause I feel that I will never find the way.
Track Name: Thirst
We drink each other dry
You're my own canary
Made in the vest of sunny vineyards
Sometimes you come to me in my dreams
And seems freeting
As overdue linctus
Or horrid like a seawater
But every time
When dawns lifting my lids
Every day
I'm waking in empty bed
But every time
My head is full of warmest wind
So i'm searching for corkscrew
To open you again.
Track Name: Empty Canvas
Through moments with you
I carry a hefty baggage of dreams and hopes
And when the emptiness comes
I'm trying to fill formed void by them
It becomes harder to breath
My body becomes wadded
My head is like a paper
But there's nothing to write on it.

Drop some paints on me
I want to be the same to you.
Track Name: On The Road
Our train runs forward through life
But we travel in it's different ends
And i see
How wind is twingling your hair
When you're leaning out of the window
And smile to greet it
Despite my desires, despite my attempts
I can not reach them.

And we can't get off at the very next platform
No station won't play this sad song
Our train will sweep past them express
Knocking down everything on it's the way
Disappearing into the horizon
From day to day.

So hide your face now
Wind carries only wrinkles
And it's grays your hair
Which changed it's colour a hundred times
Like shimmering
In the sunlight.

To the hair which I wasn't able to reach.
Track Name: Sad Song