Edda / Minuala

by Edda / Minuala



The split record of a neocrust/d-beat band Edda from Poznań, Poland and a neocrust band Minuala from Petrozavodsk, Russia.


released October 8, 2008

the 2nd rat




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Track Name: Edda - Oddam Wszystko
Take my everything, my strength and my free will
Take my thought, my fear and my dreams away
Close my eyes and ensure silently...
Let me be, i close my eyes and remain silent
All i feel is shame
I don't know where to go lead me
Of all lies, give me the only certain thing
Death full of vanity
Lead me...in such a way that fear is worth is much as
a march throught a dream full of lies...
Lead me alone
Once again from the beggining
Take all doubts away
Change my thoughts into a stone
Lead me through a dream, through fear, through falsehood
Through anger, through a night, through a day
Through nothingness to death.
Track Name: Edda - Ucieczka
Close the door, no one is looking, we have this moment
We have our time as one shot
The wall in front of us, fear behind as
Will you go with me?
Escape at least once, without a plan
With no chances
We have this moment, we have our time as one shot
The wall behins us
Jealousy in front of us
Man's conceit and lack of understanding
What is against us? Only fear
Despite all these schemes
Try to take advantage of a chance
Just begin and go on
And when you're running through cities and bleeding
When you're falling, just dance
No one call you when we find shelter in the shade and
Wait the storm and in silence
Without any sign of thought in your eyes
You cast a stray look
You give me one of my last chances
I hope that you understand it one day
I hope that you escape from here with a fake smile on your face
And you give me one of my last chances at the last moment.
Track Name: Edda - Budze Się
I wake up
I get up
I die, i pretend
I don't see, i don't hear but i live weeping
Stealing once again, i bow and scrape
At least for once, give me a chance to take a nest
I'm still the same person?
Track Name: Edda - Próżność
What do we have dreams for? What do we need hope for?
When a heart is beating in a bellow clatter of empty words counting empty looks
Without ups and downs, without dreams i run straight ahead
My breath to heavy. I blame my shadow
Worshiping vulgar strength, each day i wish to believe at least for a moment
What for do we need hope? Wanting to lie intensely and fast, we hurt our dreams
Without ups and downs, without dreams i run straight ahead
My breath to heavy. I blame my shadow
To believe at least for a moment, for a moment.
Track Name: Edda - Ślepne
I'm blinding, teach me how to see
Please, teach me how to hear. The same voice once again
Separate evil from good. I still do wrong
Give me a chance to reach the bottom
A hopeful look that at least one beam pleased by darkness reaches the bottom
I strain my eyes. One more moment...
How much more do i need to beg in paint i still don't see when i want to?
Track Name: Minuala - Freedom
What is it for you?
Is it power?
Is it money?
Freedom is passion...
Track Name: Minuala - You're A Living Soul
Hey you, stop the destruction!
Hey you, stop the rage!
Hey you, a free person!
I order you to start living!
You're a living soul!
Track Name: Minuala - Untitled
You're not the God. You're the slave.
Don't sell your soul to anybody.
Fly on your wings. Only do not burn
It will protect you. From war...
Track Name: Minuala - Death Now!
Destruction! War! Hell now!
Pollution! Crisis! Death now!
Liar! Disorder! Murder now!
Pain! Violence! Death now!
Track Name: Minuala - For You