Modern Crypts

by Cold Comfort



The first EP of a post-punk/darkwave band Cold Comfort from Rivne, Ukraine. Written and produced in 2013 by CC. Artwork by dismolotov.

Artist: Cold Comfort
Title: Modern Crypts
Format: Cassette
Edition: 60 copies on yellow tapes
Catalogue Number: SAD048
Release Date: 02.07.2014
Price: 150rub / 3 EUR

A1. Guillotine Fake
A2. Frolic
A3. Caged Tiger
B1. Harvest
B2. One Year Closer
B3. Wax


released July 2, 2014




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Track Name: Guillotine Fake
Oh it's necessary for you to feel some adrenaline
So life got a surprise for you and it's not an amphetamine
Steel glitters, seems sharp like a razorblade
Jagged and sinister, come put your head into

Soaked in piss and sweating like hell
On your knees, waiting for a fatal drop
The edge falls and gonna make an orifice
But it ain't leave a single cut, it ain't leave a single cut

You stand up disturbed, confused
Feeling alive through mandatory trial
Fake guillotine haunts man for a lifetime
Fake guillotine haunts man for a lifetime.
Track Name: Frolic
It's midnight, I'm waiting, excited
For you to join me in our frolic
A nervous look at watch
You are a bit late to rendezvous

But nevermind, take my hand
Onward to our quest

We rushed to the roofs,
I'm opening the bottle of wine
Let's drink some blood of christ
Then through the cemetary to downtown

Our shades are moving in
dusk between the crosses

Eventually, we are
Crushing into the back alley
My hands are getting naughty

I'm teasing you
Bodies are merged
Into a swirling mass
Kiss kiss bang bang.
Track Name: Caged Tiger
Relentless and intolerant
The young ones are
Growling, twitching
Like a caged tiger

Running from bar to bar
of a social cell
Searching for the gap
to absolute freedom

There is no such crack
But he doesn't suspects it
Society will crush anyone
Who dares to oppose the stream

Distressed, futile
The young ones are
Growing, pushing themselves
Through the dismal reality

A desperate roar from a gaping mouth
A sound of a tiger who gives up the dream
A perception that comes with aging
A knowledge of a worthless youth fantasy.
Track Name: Harvest
Gifts are given to young and old
The ticket to a joyful nothingness
But there is no time for its own repose
There is no even a spare minute

A terrible doom
A restless existence
Engulfed with own labor
The death knows no rest
The death knows no rest

Infinite harvest of souls
Of recently deceased
Infinite harvest of souls
And there is no way
To give up this authority.
Track Name: One Year Closer
One year closer, one step to death
The clock is ticking, we are writhing inside
Billion cells born and billion others are dead
Celebration, celebration of our demise

Happy birthday, happy doomsday to you
Call some people who are willing to mature with you
We are drinking, our eyes are sinking in booze
We are feasting, we are feasting on our dismay

We are obedient to time
And there is nothing that can be done
Soon we shall descend to our graves
To our graves beneath the ground
And we are singing our ode
To praise frailty of living things.
Track Name: Wax
The candle is burning, emitting the light
The wax is dripping, sticking to a surface
Illumination, shadows fall back
And the items below are unveiled

Another candle's on fire, spitting its own wax
Mixed up, they're falling together to a surface
All the beds and cars and spoons and swords
Walls and shields are covered with it

The fuse is burnt down, no emitting of light
The wax is still remaining, stick it to the items.