by Mariesena



The first full-length of a screamo band Mariesena from Odessa, Ukraine. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pavel Kreminsky
at the 3rd floor of an abandoned shoe factory in October 2013.
Artwork by Empty House.

Artist: Mariesena
Title: Ruth
Format: 12"
Edition: 250 copies: 150 trasparent, 50 transparent w/ gray splashes and 50 transparent w/ gray & black splashes vinyl
Catalogue Number: SAD052
Release Date: 05.10.2014
Price: 500rub

A1. Rothko's Black No. 8
A2. Ruth Morse
A3. The Tin Man Vs. Gingemma
A4. Traffic Lights / Kinesthetic
B1. Your Ankles. That's Why
B2. Gwen Stacy
B3. Tempora Mutantur
B4. Overcast


released October 5, 2014


tags: punk Moscow



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Track Name: Rothko's Black No. 8
Day by day you wake up between the pressing walls
Next to a man...The naked man you have never loved
You run as fast as a fox that is scared
Of the hunters who want to pill it's fur
You are lost in the window lights
In the labyrinths of the identical houses
Dogs are barking.They get closer (Dogs are barking)
Walking down the streets where you grew up
Looking at the drawings on the pavement
Where the robot in beautiful armor
Soars above the stars
But they won't let you go
Never let you go...
Before you leave this place
You have to find yourself here
You are lying beneath the man you never loved
And moaning between these pressing walls
Fox paw fell into a trap
Robot burns in the atmosphere.
Track Name: Ruth Morse
Without shame
I watch your heart break
Your eyes so fucking perfect
Last night came crying into my breast
And i hate you Ruth Morse
Like a child from the stone chest
Your tongue is like a dagger
Your skin is burn like ice
Your are my favorite mistake
And the sea takes shape of you
Fuck you!
Track Name: The Tin Man Vs. Gingemma
Cut off my leg
Then my other
Then my hand
But my friend
Made all new to me
But my axe continued to fail
And now I'm all out of iron
Even my head
Becoming entirely steel
I could not love
My bride anymore
Could not love ...
Smith has failed to make my heart
And it's time to deal with this fucking garbage
I walk under the rain through the forest
One more step, I do not care about this shit
My body begins to crack
One more step, I do not care about this shit
I'm rusting, my legs stuck in the deep mire
One more step, I do not care about this shit
But I'm fucking stuck for a year
And will soon turn into ashes
Girl Ellie
Straw scarecrow
Sneaky lion
And we go to Goodwin
For our Estate Needs
And then I am going get that bitch
The emerald city awaits
Oh yeah blood dripping down the walls
Axe cuts regularly
You scream
And the birds fly away.
Track Name: Traffic Lights / Kinesthetic
Bright rad rose on melting snow
Early spring is in our lungs
The icy air flow
I love her habit to stop when traffic light is red
Even when there is no cars
That evening when she nuzzled into my shoulder at the crosswalk
I smelled her perfume mixed with smoke and wet dust
That was the first time I wanted traffic light to be frozen and never become green
But as soon as I thought about it she playfully ran ahead, dropping a flower that was braided in her hair.
Run Away...
Track Name: Your Ankles. That's Why
Your ankles. That's why
And we are like last embers
Of a smoldering fire
On the shore of the sea
And our feelings are burned
Letting a trace of smoke in the air
I gave you my heart
Do not talk to me
As if you are my friend
Because it hurts
No it does not hurt
It's just fucking killing me
Dont fuck my heart!
The pain still
does not let me sleep
Is it a dream?
We are broken
I want to run
Far away
Not to see your new fucking friends
Not to see
Your stupid fake smile
We are broken.
Track Name: Gwen Stacy
Liquor will hide my secrets
I sunk my memories of you
They are like arrows wounding heart
And I really deserved it all
The lights go out.
Unbearably grey landscape
Whether to blame myself for this mistake or try to forget
Around 7 degrees
This Brooklyn Bridge, you and me
And it's sympathy like symphony
My emotions are like street lights
Your eyes shine for me
For the last time
And it's sympathy like symphony
Tried to catch you
But I could not
I'm sorry darling
I'm such a fool for loosing the dearest
Your eyes were shining so believing me
And I said those words
And it's sympathy like symphony
Tried to catch you
But I could not
(I am death and when I love you, it’s forever.
And why shouldn’t you love me back? I know that sometimes you fantasize about me.When your brains are gone, what nobler substitute could there be than wine?)
The Only hope is for liquor
I drown emotions. I drown you
Pour me some more
In the reflection of my eyes, i see you're flying back
Your back, it was always
The most graceful
You were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
Like an angel
Well. Now you can be happy
Your eyes
Your smile
I unworthy of you
Your hair
Your legs
Fall down
You're so fine
And I'm just a nerd
Your green eyes
Your red lips
Your white hair
Your skinny legs
This is the harrowing.
I missed you so bad...
In the darkest night
Where can I find something that would remind
you. Everywhere.
In the darkest night
Where can I find something that would remind...
It's you it's you everywhere.
Track Name: Tempora Mutantur
Time stabs progress dagger
Under our ribs without remorse
As well as human fillings hide
Under thickness of history dust
Time is changing transforming us
In to heartless machines
From the very cradle we are brought up
Like a guard dogs
And we greedily pick the bones
Of faith, passion and love
And what is the most horrible, my friend,
that this processes are invisible
Those with whom i was growing up shoulder to shoulder
are slowly covering with a submission layer
Turning up into wax figures
Spare me, the avalanche of lust
Betrayal and fake smiles
Let me disappear in kind old days
When I held her hand
and saw her shy smile
Save me from today's her
Forever young...Forever drunk
Falling asleep in a strange, cold bed.
Track Name: Overcast
When you try to back me
It's like when you try
To build fire of truth
Under rain of lie
You and me are rain of lie.