The split record of an emoviolence/screamo band Aspergers from Saint Petersburg, Russia and an emoviolence/screamo band Lost Generation, Last Revolution from Saint Petersburg, Russia


released October 1, 2011


tags: punk Moscow



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Track Name: Aspergers - Ryer In The Catch
Wrong, wrong wrong, things went from worse to wrong.
You gave me a reason and forgot about it.
You made me wandering, made me disintegrating, dissolved me in truth.
Track Name: Aspergers - Half-Dead Morning In The Yard
I'm starting from the end, the absolute knowledge of how it will begin swallows me whole.
Everyday i'm catching a thought, if i'm still asleep and never awoke to start from our common end.
Track Name: Aspergers - Recycled
The inescapable feeling of absolute failure, my life is a total wreck, just like this string.
Remember when you finally got somewhere to go, but didn't want to?
Becoming yourself is my favorite pursuit these days.
Track Name: Lost Generation, Last Revolution - Побег
Скомканные мысли. Город погряз во лжи.
Бежать? Если можешь беги –
Этот город погряз во лжи
Прочь. Пока не настала ночь.
Я помню. Клянусь, буду помнить
Слова, все слова для тебя
Я так и не смог объять пустоту
И не смогу.
Track Name: Lost Generation, Last Revolution - Превращение
Рядом скопилось столько людей и все вместе они теряют рассудок от мелких побед.
Сотрясают воздух руками, прижимают моё горло к земле.