Split 7"

by Namatjira / Aspergers



The split record of a screamo band Namatjira from Tula / Moscow, Russia and an emoviolence/screamo band Aspergers from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Artwork by Empty House.

Artist: Namatjira / Aspergers
Title: SPLIT
Format: 7"
Edition: 200 copies on clear vinyl
Catalogue Number: SAD038
Release Date: 21.02.2014
Price: 250 rub / 5 EUR


A. We Do Nothing But Cry

B1. The Third Ironic Night
B2. Exit The Vehicle
B3. Autobiography Of A Migrant Worker
B4. What If Seagulls Scream Because They're Seasick?



released March 27, 2013


tags: punk Moscow



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Track Name: Namatjira - We Do Nothing But Cry
(Мы умеем только плакать)

В суровых лицах искал надежду
На пол-пути к одиночеству
Так часто падал вниз
Глотая гной
Наблюдать рождение новой богемы на костях.

И источать тревогу
И видеть как все кого ты любил молчат.

Мы умеем только плакать.

И я не знаю кто вил эти канаты
Но я привязан ими намертво
Если честно – мы на самом дне
Капитан, мы на самом дне.

Все цели вдрызг
Катастрофически слепнет тот город где был рожден
Так хочется жить
Но почему же внутри всё то же ощущение пустоты.

И каждое новое утро реклама на завтрак
В метро не сойти бы с ума
От чувства злости что держит за горло меня
Отпусти! Отпусти!

И изнутри полтора килограмма гвоздей выдирал изнутри
Теперь тебе будет проще видеть
Меня насквозь.

Смерти нет я просто падаю вниз
Сколько лишних движений, сколько лишних слов
Что ждёт меня
Впереди впереди впереди впереди
Я не хочу писать стихи
Хочу целоваться в этих подъездах
Но слишком много гвоздей
Никто никогда не перестанет взрослеть
Никто никогда никто никогда.

(We Do Nothing But Cry)

Halfway to solitude in their harsh faces I‘ve been looking for hope
Swallowing pus and watching new bohemians born in bones
Bleeding with anxiety, realizing everyone i loved are silent
We do nothing but cry
And I don’t know who laid these tows but I’m tied dead by them
And to be honest –
We’re at the very bottom, captain, we’re at the very bottom
All my goals are wasted into oblivion
The city where i grew up is blinding tragically
I want to live to the max so much but with such a void inside
Every morning I eat only ads in metro
Thinking how to keep sane and not to give up to this angry feeling holding my throat
Please, let me go!
I’ve been pulling kilos of nails from the inside
So you could easier see through me
Death doesn’t exist I’m just falling down
So many needless movements
So many needless words and
What's coming next for me
I don’t want to write more poems
I just want to kiss in the hallways
But too many nails left inside
Nobody quits growing up
Nobody quits.
Track Name: Aspergers - The Third Ironic Night
What i did wasn't faithful – in all cases in wasn't like that.

If you saw it coming then what did you wait for?

I thought we'd never separate
But you're becoming too far to comfort.

And we speak all over again – may we just split?
Track Name: Aspergers - Exit The Vehicle
You are the reason
And i am the motion
And it's working to the point
Where machines stop.

Stop by me
And try to understand
How much i need to do
To be with you.

Your submission to comprehend could make me happy.
Track Name: Aspergers - Autobiography Of A Migrant Worker
Track Name: Aspergers - What If Seagulls Scream Because They're Seasick?
The line is drawn
There is no turning back
My eyes are pointed at you
And i cannot explain
What i feel
In this very moment.


The child is afraid of the moon, he says it's cold and evil
And your moon-shaped smile horrifies
And the slow-closing door can easily knock down
There is wall you can't get empathy through
You won't get a sight of it if you stay in the dark.