The second and last full-length of an emo/post-hardcore band Snakes Versus the Ropes on Their Necks from Kiev, Ukraine. Recorded at Irons Secret Place. Mixed and mastered by Andy Phipps.
Artwork by Alexey Raccoonenko.

Artist: Snakes Versus the Ropes on Their Necks
Title: Rosebud
Format: Cassette
Edition: 50 copies
Catalogue Number: SAD049
Release Date: 05.04.2014
Price: 100rub

A1. Place To Set My Name
A2. Iron Fist Fighting Jelly Bears
A3. Fred Durst’s Thousand Billions Of Fuck You
A4. Passage Of Arms
A5. Great Fire Of 1666
A6. Room 101
A7. 0783 1505
A8. Overthrow



released April 5, 2014


tags: punk Moscow



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Track Name: Place To Set My Name
This is the place where I fit most, I resist
We should all write our names on it’s walls
On this bricks
So then we can forget all of them, cuz we share the single one
And monotony now breaks into various sound and we shake
Each other's hands
Place to set, it’s a place to set my name there.
Track Name: Iron Fist Fighting Jelly Bears
Dead beat goes on
Threats silently
Makes a path
Dead beat promising
We’re fine, we’re fine
It goes again, it goes again
Best times, best times
When it goes right, when it goes right
Name you can’t pronounce
Dead, deader than death
Makes path
That shit's promising.
Track Name: Fred Durst’s Thousand Billions Of Fuck You
It’s another wasted apology
Time spent thinking of excuse
Past reflects while future awaits
I guess I was born at a cold day
Thoughts rushing like a subway train
While I just sit there still.
Track Name: Passage Of Arms
Rumbling like fish in a nest
Messing with passage of past
Breaking the good and a bad
We follow an ultimate land
Alone on a break
And we ready for the steps again
Not so far for chance
Not so easy to complete this stage.
Track Name: Great Fire Of 1666
Next stop is a hard party
More than I can take tonight
More than enough
Fucked up, it’s all fucked up
I give my best to rats
I have my best erased
I spent my best to fast
Erased, erased
Next stop is Allnighter
Allrighter, I guess, is a good way
To destroy everything
What a graveyard feeling
But it goes on and on
Risk it away
The shades are grey
I define
This as great fire
All great fires burn.
Track Name: Room 101
Oh sea the sea
The neverending story
Lie way so far
That my eyes just cannot see
Oh sea the sea
Place where I want to be buried
Take me away from this insanity
Sinners…so lately
Sinners…I bet you will
Sinners…so lately
Afraid of room
Last night I was dreaming the last time
I thinking and dreaming this talks, chats and all this discussions
Will be just little more unexpectable
And I believe you are liars
And I believe you are just like sand.
Track Name: 0783 1505
Endless path of cigarettes
Is what I get
Endless path of forgive-forget
Past pulling us down
Spare me a stare that is not a threat
Spare me what’s left
Leave me a place where I can hide my mind
Just for a while
I feel content
Oh me, Oh my.
Track Name: Overthrow
Brand new long
Is an old junk
Convergence flashed
Closely jealous
Where the two
Plastic baggage
Blindly rushing
Hold the tide, hold the tide
Mr. Lee
Kissur Bemish
Just for the dog
For a time
Cans of gouache
Which is expected
Mouse picked up
Of ammunition
Fished to work
Hundred hours
Mouse picked up…